Lets play a game!!!!

Using this one sentence teacher can immediately grab students’ attention in the class. Use of games for educational purposes is not a new phenomenon however with the advent of technology, use of digital games based learning (DGBL) has gained wide acceptance in educational institutes across the globe. Institutes such as  Quest to Learn , engage students in games and quests to become inventors, designers, innovators and problem solvers. Various types of games are being used to enhance student motivation, engagement and learning.

None the less, before implementing DGBL some important question to ponder upon include

  • Whether games has the potential to enhance student learning or not?
  • What are the various features of an educational game that makes it an effective medium of instruction?
  • What are some useful digital educational games, currently being used by educational institutes?

Watch this video that narrates my personal experience of digital educational games, in addition to answering these questions.

DGBL in Pakistan

In Pakistan, although a positive perception towards digital educational games persists, a variety of barriers exist in proper implementation of DGBL environment in Pakistani Schools.

Currently, some private schools are making use of online available games, as a supportive tool, for Literacy, Numeracy, Robotics, General Knowledge, Geography and Science. Also, a number of schools have subscribed to online mathematics game “Matheletics”.

However, the adoption of educational games on a wide scale is dependent on certain variables such as a well-established infrastructure, continued teacher training, positive teacher perceptions and experiences, the extent to which the curriculum relevant resources are explored and implemented, efforts invested at individual school level and the extent of support at government level.





2 Thoughts on “Digital Game Based Learning in Pakistan

  1. It’s never late to adapt new technologies and make teaching and learning experience more fun and enjoyable with all those digital learning games.

    • Maryam Hamad on June 13, 2016 at 5:48 pm said:

      That is absolutely true William. But some times different factors hinder the adoption of new technologies such as digital divide, lack of resources, lack of visionary leadership. But I believe “Where there is a will, there is a way……”

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