Ever suffered by the phenomenon called “Death by PowerPoint”?

If YES, then its time to break the wheel of monotony and explore an excellent alternative to Power Point to engage your audience ….Prezi!!!1024px-Prezi_logo_transparent_2012.svg

Prezi is a free, web based visual learning tool used for interactive and interesting presentations. As oppose to the traditional slide making tools, Prezi offers a nonlinear way of presenting text, images, videos and graphics. With in one large canvas users can pan and zoom to various areas within the canvas to elaborate the ideas presented. This tool is equally useful for teachers and students.

Prezi is cloud-based, which means that users can access the latest version of their work from any web enabled device. As the Prezi can be kept in public domain, teacher created Prezi can be assessed by students anytime. Users can also present remotely from their browser, desktop, iPad or Smart Phone. Using Prezi app, users can create or edit on the go, the changes automatically synchronize across all devices. The premium version provides extra features such as working offline and central account management. This feature is extremely helpful if your school is not equipped with an internet connection.

Prezi is interactive whiteboard friendly. It allows to create interactive presentations with touch navigation using pictures, text, videos, sound or personally recorded narration.

Easy to share and create

Slides made using Prezi can easily be created and shared via a link without compromising email storage space. Also, the Prezi can be embedded into any Learning Management System, blog or website.

A wide variety of publicly available Prezis can easily be copied and modified for use in classroom.

Amaze your audience

Prezi help present ideas and concepts through a bird-eye view. The pan and zoom effect help discuss the details of the topic presented along with the flow of the class. It helps keep students engage and excited. It is a wonderful tool to discuss any topic in the class while keeping students awake, engaged and motivated.

Connection between various concepts

Prezi can help students understand the overall subject and the connection between various concepts, as it allows to display the breakdown of the information in a particular topic/ book into simple and smaller chunks of information. This can be a visually interesting resource extremely helpful for struggling students. Watch this Prezi explaining English Tenses.

Course Outline and Projects

As Prezi is a wonderful tool for presenting the bird eye view, it can be utilized for presenting the course outline in the first class of the session. Watch this prezi of Physics Course Outline.

Project Assessment Criteria

A Prezi about the assessments, final projects and assessment criteria may help students understand the upcoming challenges in an effective way.


Prezi can help students learn the 21st century skill – Collaboration.
It serves as a useful tool for interactive classroom sessions or group projects. Students can collaborate in real time with up to ten students, in the classroom or at home for completing a particular task. They can brainstorm and build and edit a presentation, in real time, on one shared virtual whiteboard.

Revision/Summary Presentation

Prezi presentation offers visual learning which works like a mind map or a visual organiser. It serves as a useful resource for revision or summary purposes. It offers the feature to record voice over the presentation to explain each slide making it an effective tool to be used after class as well. Students can watch the slides with recorded narration any time.

Presenting projects, activities and results

The visually interactive graphs help present projects and disseminate results of activities or research. The End of Year important information such as students’ performance, subject wise or class wise performance, and results of the analysis can be presented in a meaningful way during staff meetings.

Other ways of using Prezi
  • Use Prezi for getting to know activity. Ask students to create a Prezi with 10 facts about themselves and share with the class
  • Students can create stories and narrate their stories using voice recording feature.
  • It can be used to create interactive resume.
  • For some more ideas of using various features of Prezi in an effective manner, watch this video.

Although the navigational effect and animations offered by Prezi makes it an interesting presentation tool, the excessive use of spinning transition can have a negative impact, such as nausea or uncomfortable feeling, on the audience. To learn about “DON’T of Prezi tool”, watch this interesting video by Russell Anderson-Williams.


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