How often you find yourself in a situation where you are trying to find a very good online resource that you came across once but can’t remember what exactly the website or the link was because you did not save it for future reference? Or you find lots of interesting web pages about a particular topic but not sure how to save them or share them with others in a presentable manner? Well many of you might be using the book marking tool in your browser but let me introduce SYMBALOO.

Symbaloo helps you organize your favorite web resources, apps or games in a presentable manner. Using this you can also embed a document from your google doc. You can easily share your web mix with your students and others using your social media accounts, the URL or you can embed it in your wiki or blog. It also allows you to use the webmixes prepared by others and alter them. Have a look at this symbaloo that I have created. It consists of various useful resources for students from grade K-2.


Ideas for using Symbaloo

  • To organize your favourite websites on one place
  • To prepare a lesson plan and assign it to your students. They can complete it at home or in the class or computer lab. The results will be displayed to the teacher in real time. You can use the block IP option to keep students on track by blocking the unnecessary sites such as Facebook or other social networking sites
  • Whatever topic you are teaching, you can collect all related resources in your webmix such as websites, news, a video created by you, google doc or even a quiz, games or brain teasers to further familiarize your students with the topic or add timelines for further researching opportunities. Have a look at the following Lesson Plans.

                               Do you know How to use MS Word?


                                Periodic Table of Elements

                                       Using Homophones Correctly

  • Symbaloo can be used for assigning an interactive summer homework such as enabling students  to learn coding during vacations at their own pace.


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