About EduTechSage and Me

  • Do you think YOUR STUDENTS LACK MOTIVATION, ENGAGEMENT, CREATIVITY OR ENTHUSIASM for learning and you wish to explore new ways of engaging your students?
  • Are you a teacher, student, a parent of a student or simply a person who love to learn about education, and educational technology tools and how they can be integrated with the curriculum?

If the answer to any of the above questions is YES, then you have reached the RIGHT PLACE!!!

Welcome to EduTechSage!!!

The purpose of this blog is to facilitate teachers at all levels to creatively make use of technology tools to enhance students’ learning experiences. Also, parents can utilize the information to provide useful learning materials/ games/ activities to their little ones and even students can browse through to find resources, tips and guidelines to become independent learners.

From Curiosity to Passion:

I am Maryam Hamad, the founder of EduTechSage.com. I am a passionate educational technology enthusiast who lives in Lahore, Pakistan. I love to find innovative ways in which various educational tooDSC_0241ls can be used to engage learners of all ages, either in classroom or at home, for better learning environment.

I have spent more than eight years working in education and technology sector, in Australia as well as in Pakistan. My formal education includes MBA from University of Punjab, Lahore Pakistan, a certificate in Web 2.0 tools from University of Houston System and Master of Education Specializing in Information and Communication Technologies in Education (ICTE) from Monash University, Australia.

On my return from Australia, I was curious to find the application of technology in educational landscape of Pakistan therefore I conducted a research focusing on perceptions and use of Digital Game Based Learning in Pakistani Schools. The research findings, my personal experiences and the importance placed by Pakistani educational institutes and Government reveals that integration of technology in educational sector is a priority. In spite of the fact that most of the educational institutes have access to technology resources, teachers are unaware of the latest technology tools that can be used to create student centered learning environment.

I aspire to be the catalyst of change by providing a platform that will help create awareness about various educational technology trends, Web 2.0 and other educational technology tools and how they can be integrated with the curriculum and classroom instruction.