Upcoming Educational Competitions


Student Video Contest- World of 7 Billion

  • Deadline for challenge: 28th February 2019
  • Eligibility: High School students
  • Prize : Participate and stand a chance to win $1000
  • Participation fee: FREE

Create a short video – up to 60 seconds – about human population growth that highlights one of the following global challenges: Preserving Biodiversity, Sustainable Resource Use, Protecting Human Rights. All videos must include: a) how population growth impacts the issue, and b) at least one idea for a sustainable solution.

Preserving Biodiversity – Habitat destruction/fragmentation, ecosystem diversity, coral reefs, deforestation, pollinators, extinction, invasive species Sustainable Resource Use – Energy, fossil fuel use, single-use products, diet, overfishing, global inequities in consumption Protecting Human Rights – Poverty, barriers to education, women and girls, forced migration, environmental/social justice, economic security

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Your World Your Opportunity, Competition by British Council

Deadline for challenge: 26th February 2019

  • Eligibility: O and A Level students
  • Prize : There will be a certificate ceremony for all students who enter. The winner at country level will then go to the regional finals to decide global winner. The global winner will be invited to attend a summer school in the UK at a British Council accredited school.

Your World is the first ever global student competition organised by the British Council. Students from O and A levels across the globe have been invited to create and submit videos on ‘Your World’: their lives and their communities for the world to see. This is an excellent chance for students to use and hone their creative skills, alongside academic learning.

The competition is based on what typically happens in their school, or on work they do in their community. With the competition, students answer the basic question: ‘What will encourage someone from a country very different to mine to click on the film made by me and my classmates?’

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